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Innovation, Bespoke & Securing at Source

Fasit is structured in a way that facilitates speed and flexibility in everything we do. We have a flat management structure, a low fixed cost base, we do not manufacture yet we partner with leading European suppliers and manufacturers, which gives us the scale to successfully compete with our larger conglomerate peers.  We are a speed boat to their oil tanker.

Our speed and flexibility encourages a culture of product and service innovation and the ability to offer bespoke solutions, including the provision of stock secured at source, shelf ready.

Innovation >

We are always searching for new and improved solutions to the age old problem of customer theft. Whether it is for relatively new products such as SD cards or nicotine patches to more established ranges such as health and beauty, Fasit offers some of the most innovative solutions on the market.

Our work with TK Maxx and Asda are good cases in point

  • TK Maxx were suffering major losses in gifts
  • Worked with in-house teams to produce a prototype using our own safer shell design
  • Created a one-size fits all safer shell of appropriate dimensions to cover the gifting range
  • Trial results from stores proved successful
  • Asda wanted to simplify their range of safers covering fragrance
  • Aim to find just one safer to cover 85% of the range without loss of facings – previously they were using five
  • Working together we designed a new concept the "elevator safer" – a height adjustable rectangular safer, which could be front or side facing and stackable
  • We achieved all the client's objectives, while maintaining visual appeal and space efficiency
  • The elevator range of safers is now a core part of our product offering

Safer Shell Innovation

Elevator Safer Innovation

Bespoke >

We partner with suppliers and manufacturers that have the ability and willingness to design bespoke solutions for clients.

Our work with Proctor & Gamble is a good example

  • P&G required a customised safer solution for a new product launch to facilitate its open merchandising
  • We worked with our supplier to create a brand new Safer with the specific dimensions required for P&G's new product range.
  • Timescales were crucial, the new Safer needed to be created and delivered within 6 weeks to met the launch date – which we achieved.
  • The product launch was deemed a success, helped by retailers confidence in open merchandising

Bespoke Safer

Source Tagging >

At Fasit we strive to offer products, which offer effective shrink solutions and a fast payback on investment. However, we also appreciate for some the logistical challenges around fitting in store.

Source Tagging

Accordingly, we can work with consumer goods companies, wholesalers and retailers to deliver an 'applied at source' solution, so that the product is delivered to the store secured and shelf ready. We have experience of this with P&G.

P&GP&G required a customised Safer solution for a new product launch, to facilitate the open merchandising of stock. We worked with P&G on the design and sourcing of the product, as well as providing a packing service so that the product arrived at the stores shelf ready in its security casing. read on >

So whether you are interested in bespoke solutions or source tagging, contact Fasit so we can find the optimum solution for you.

Bespoke Development Gallery

Please contact us with your shrink issues and we will provide you with a fast, cost effective solution.

Client Case Studies:

Toys R Us

The client was suffering major losses on a range of children's educational interactive software. A trial of our 'Safers' was launched in the key Christmas trading read on >


We can work to tight client deadlines. We recently implemented a national roll-out of detachers at each till point across a 1,000 store estate and supplied pencil read on >


We designed and produced the Safer Shell® in a range of bespoke sizes to cover all items in the Olay range, working with merchandising to ensure the most efficient read on >

PC World

This was our first major project in the provision of product protection solutions. The objective was to improve sales of digital cameras previously displayed in read on >